[Amazon.ca] Wyze Smart Lock $149.99 ~Warm~ Lowest recorded price

//[Amazon.ca] Wyze Smart Lock $149.99 ~Warm~ Lowest recorded price

[Amazon.ca] Wyze Smart Lock $149.99 ~Warm~ Lowest recorded price



This is the lowest price the Wyze Smart Lock has been in Canada AFAIK.

For comparison, Wyze sells it in the US for US$99.99 = C$133.83 – so, yes, it’s still at a premium to the US pricing.

It includes the Wyze Lock Gateway – which acts as a bridge between the lock and your internet connection.

It’s a first-generation product, but the price is still lower than the best prices you can get for an August Smart Lock + August Connect when they’re on sale, so it’s really up to you on the trade offs. One minor advantage over August from reading the specs is the door-ajar sensor is built into the lock itself and therefore doesn’t require you to either drill a hole in your door frame or have a visible external sensor on your door.

Amazon product: Wyze Labs WLCKG1 Wyze Smart Lock
Customer Reviews:
Very easy to install and configure. The app has a built in tutorial with step by step instruction on how to setup the lock. The Wifi hub is included so that is a plus. There is a built in sensor that detects the door position (open, closed). So far I am impressed. The only downside is the price, since in the US it costs $99.99.


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