50% off


Have seen this deal a little while ago posted on RFD and some people missed out. There is three mice on sale from logitech.

The M330 is the best deal, but I will post the other links incase someone wants them.

CCC shows M330 at it’s low that it hits at $19.99. Good for someone who needs one.

I saw a post earlier for a $10 chinese mouse, I think this is a better deal on an M330.


Amazon product: Logitech M330 Silent Plus Wireless Mouse – Enjoy Same Click Feel with 90% Less Click Noise, 2 Year Battery Life, Ergonomic Right-Hand Shape for Computers and Laptops, USB Unifying Receiver, Black
Customer Reviews:
There are a few things I don’t like about this mouse. It’s about 75% of the size of a regular mouse. It had no side buttons, or any extra buttons of any sort. If it was a regular mouse I would have returned it as there are much better options out there. | But I didn’t buy it because I was looking for a regular mouse with bells and whistles–I bought it because I needed something quiet. And I will say that it absolutely delivers in that regard. I’m guessing anyone reviewing this and saying it is too loud has completely unrealistic expectations of what a quiet mouse should be, or has a superhero level hearing ability. It does make some sound when you click, yes. But compared to the sound level that any other mouse I ever used makes, the difference is night and day here–this thing is quiet. | I can click away at my computer if I need to work late that is setup right beside my bed while my wife sleeps and she doesn’t even stir, and I have to say she is a real light sleeper. | If you don’t need a quiet mouse, buy something else. However if you do, give this one a shot.