The price is supposed to be for 3 pads, which is still a good deal, but it is advertised as 18 (3 count x 6).

“Included Components: 6 packs of Weiman Cooktop Scrubbing Pads (18 total pads)”.

Currently showing in stock on August 12.

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Amazon product: Weiman Cook Top Scrubbing Pads – Gently Clean and Remove Burned-on Food from All Smooth Top and Glass Cooktop Ranges, 3 reusable pads
Customer Reviews:
These pads work very well with the Wieman cleaner. I have used them about 10 times now and haven’t found anything that I can’t remove from my cooktop. They don’t leave any marks on the cooktop. Work best if you moisten them a little. I do suggest you thoroughly rinse them after every use as the cleaner dries out and will flake the next time you use them.