[Amazon.ca] WD 2TB My Passport Ultra Blue Portable External Hard Drive

//[Amazon.ca] WD 2TB My Passport Ultra Blue Portable External Hard Drive

[Amazon.ca] WD 2TB My Passport Ultra Blue Portable External Hard Drive



was in the market for a portable HDD, found this on sale. Triple Camel showing 2nd lowest price, bottomed at 89.99 once, and peaked at 139.99.
This is USB-C and come with adapter for a 3.0 plug.
it comes with hardware encryption and a few software to make autobackup a breeze.
Nice form design and very slim/small profile.
Prime and in stock Sept 10.

Equipped with USB-C technology, the My Passport Ultra portable drive offers an easy way to expand your storage with a modern metal design that complements your PC. It’s Windows 10-ready out of the box to seamlessly deliver plug-and-play storage, while password protection with hardware encryption helps enforce the security of your content.

USB-C ready, USB 3.0 compatible
Innovative style
Automatic backup software
Password protection
Windows 10-ready
WD Discovery
USB-C ready, USB 3.0 compatible
Featuring the latest in USB-C technology, the My Passport Ultra portable drive delivers quick and easy storage for your PC, while the included USB 3.0 adapter makes sure it’s compatible with older machines.

Innovative Style and Function
Fusing modern anodised metal and textures, the My Passport Ultra portable drive is available in silver and blue to seamlessly match your personal style and the latest computers.

Do More With WD Discovery
Included WD Discovery software* connects to popular social media and cloud storage services, like Facebook, Dropbox and Google Drive.** Import your photos, videos and docs to the My Passport Ultra drive to help preserve your online life. If you work across both PC and Mac, our NTFS driver for macOS enables you to read and write to your My Passport Ultra without the need for reformatting. WD Discovery software can also be used to manage your drive with WD Drive Utilities.

asy-to-use auto backup software
For your photos, videos or business documents, the WD Backup software included in WD Discovery makes it easy to help protect what’s important to you by automating your backup routine. Simply download WD Backup, plug in your drive and set your hourly, daily or monthly schedule.

Password protection with 256- bit AES hardware encryption
The WD Security function within WD Discovery helps keep your files private with a password you can choose, making it easy to enable password protection and 256-bit AES Hardware Encryption.

Amazon product: WD 2TB My Passport Ultra Blue Portable External Hard Drive, USB-C – WDBC3C0020BBL-WESN
Customer Reviews:
I’ve had several of these hard drives and they’ve all been very good and this one is no different. Works well, plenty of storage space, easy to use, and I have no reason to think that anything untoward happens to it. Shipped very quickly at a reasonable price.


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