[Amazon.ca] Warm – Neoprene 3/5/8 Lb Dumbbell set – $68.55

//[Amazon.ca] Warm – Neoprene 3/5/8 Lb Dumbbell set – $68.55

[Amazon.ca] Warm – Neoprene 3/5/8 Lb Dumbbell set – $68.55



https://www.amazon.ca/FIT-20-5200-32-Po … B00B4RVYPS

While many sets are out of stock, including the Amazon basics, found this set in stock. Very basic starter set for someone like me with a very thin build .

Amazon product: j/fit Dumbbell Set w/Durable Rack | Solid Design | Double Neoprene Coated Workout Weights Non-Chip and Flake | Dumbbells Sets for Gyms, Pilates, MMA, Training, Schools, Rehabilitation Centers
Customer Reviews:
I purchased these weights on amazon when they were on sale for $40. At that price point, I am extremely pleased with my purchase. | These weights are brightly colored (easy to identify the three different sizes). They come as two 3 pound dumbbells, two 5 pound dumbbells, and two 8 pound dumbbells. At first I thought that the 3 pound weights would be useless, but I have discovered that they are perfect for me doing side raises etc as my shoulders are pretty unstable and weak. | The five and eight pound dumbbells are perfect for beginners or people who don’t lift very heavy to work out at home with. I have been using these daily for calisthenics and there are SO many videos online instructing you on different moves to use with these dumbbells to work different body parts. | I find that these weights are coated in a fantastic non-slip material. Even when I get very sweaty, these weights are easy to hold onto (especially important when doing moves like skull-crushers – I have no fear of dropping these weights on my head!) The non-slip gets five stars, but I do have to be careful to wash my hands right after or my palms tend to get itchy ( I must have a small allergy or intolerance to the non-slip material). | The dumbbell rack is nothing to write home about. It was simple to assemble, came with all required pieces, and works just fine for storing my dumbbells. It is perfectly functional and indiscreet so I like it. | This is a great weight set for beginners, but if you’re quite strong or looking to get strong, this is not the set for you as the weights only go up to 8 pounds!


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