[Amazon.ca] Warm: Perplexus Epic, $22.24

//[Amazon.ca] Warm: Perplexus Epic, $22.24

[Amazon.ca] Warm: Perplexus Epic, $22.24

$12.75 off


:// www.amazon.ca/Other-Games-Epic-Challeng … 079MHGC2K/

Might be a cool gift
or a challenge for yourself

We have the beginner (Rebel) and original (Beast), so I was waiting for a sale on this which is the most advanced one.

Amazon product: Spin Master Games 6037972 – Perplexus Epic – Challenging Interactive Maze Game with 125 Obstacles, Ages 8+
Customer Reviews:
Very cool, easy to pick up and play quickly. I’m 30 years old, but i still like games like this. They are rated for kids but some perplexus can be very difficult. This one is fairly easy and much better than the mini orange one in my opinion. There is no real start or finish but it has a good amount of obstacles for its size. This one is really good for kids as its a challenge but its not ridiculous like some. Cough star wars cough. If you found this helpful please click the link below.


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