February 27, 2021



I’ve been on the market for a sous vide. I don’t know how this brand is compared to Anova, but the price seems good.

Amazon product: VPCOK Sous Vide Cooker Immersion Circulator Sous Vide Machine Kit Slow Cooker Machine with Sous Vide Cookbook Accurate Temperature and Timer Control with Protective Cover 770W
Customer Reviews:
Sous vide makes it impossible to overcook or screw up! I’ve never tried this style of cooking before, but last night I did a salmon filet for my first try and it was genuinely the best salmon I’ve ever had (I normally cook it in a cast iron pan, which is pretty good too). The LED touch display and controls are really large, clear, and easy to use. The entire unit itself is bigger than I expected but easily stashes away in a drawer when not in use. I didn’t think I needed another kitchen “gadget” but I definitely needed this! Next up I’m going to try steak, and then possibly desserts as well. Make sure to use BPA-free bags to seal your food in!