$40 off


Looks like this immersion cooker is back on sale on Amazon for $60 taxes and shipping included. Just ordered one last night and reviews seem alright.

This deal was talked about in the past here: amazon-ca-vpcok-sous-vide-cooker-sous-v … 7-2383558/

Edit: Should have noted you must click on the “Apply CDN $30 Coupon” to get to the $59.77 price. Price Breakdown ($99.97 – $10 sale – $30 coupon = $59.97)

Amazon product: VPCOK Sous Vide Cooker with Sous Vide Cookbook Immersion Circulator Sous Vide Machine Accurate Temperature and Timer Control
Customer Reviews:
This thing has 2 settings. 1 for temperature, and 1 for time. Very easy to use… just plop it down in a container with water, and turn it on, set the temperature and time. It beeps when it’s at temp, and again when the timer’s done. Runs silently and has an indicator light ring that tells you what it’s doing. Red for heating up, green for cooking, blue for done. It turns the heater off when the timer is done… I don’t know what else you could really want, works perfectly.