[Amazon.ca] Vitamix Ascent Blending Cup Starter Kit, 20 oz. with SELF-DETECT $127.99

//[Amazon.ca] Vitamix Ascent Blending Cup Starter Kit, 20 oz. with SELF-DETECT $127.99

[Amazon.ca] Vitamix Ascent Blending Cup Starter Kit, 20 oz. with SELF-DETECT $127.99



For those of you looking to add these personal size containers with the blade attachment this is a good time. The current price equals the all-time low on 3humpedcritters.

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Amazon product: Vitamix Ascent Series Blending Cup Starter Kit, 20 oz. with SELF-DETECT
Customer Reviews:
The main reason I purchased an A3500 was because of the personal sized blending cups. I was hesitant after reading some of the reviews here though. Glad I took a chance. | PROPER USE | A rudimentary understanding of how the system “self-detects” is key. While it adjusts blending time/speed automatically, it also serves as an important safety feature. People who’ve commented here in ALL CAPS about lining arrows up and all that nonsense simply aren’t tightening the blade cap on the cup properly. The system will prevent you from using it in an unsafe manner if the embedded metal strips in the cup are not close enough with their counterparts within the blade base. It’s actually really simple – if the blender shows the little circle slash on the screen, when you put the blender cup on the motor base, then just take it off and tighten the blade base more firmly. Once you know this you’ll never have another issue. | PROPER PROPORTIONS | All the nonsense about putting whole bananas and whey powder is also because users are clearly NOT putting their ingredients into the cup in the order, or the proportions, recommended! (See attached photo from the instructions.) Ice and frozen ingredients go in the cup first, then fruits and veggies, then leafy greens, then dry goods and finally liquids. Put the blade cap on and invert. Heavier, frozen things are now on top and your powders with liquid are on the blade ready to be obliterated. Not rocket science. | INSULATION FIXATION | Finally, addressing the comments about the insulated cavity and the cups keeping things cool. Well listen hun, ain’t no comparable travel mug, thermos bottle, heck beer holder, in the world gonna keep your drink at the ideal temperature for hours and hours and hours. I suspect you’re trying to take your smoothie to the gym after it’s been in your bag all day, then stuffing it in your locker expecting it to be chilly after your workout. Not gonna happen. Vitamix is good but they can only do so much to overcome the laws of physics regardless of the price point. Take an ice pack if it’s that important to you.


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