[Amazon.ca] UMIDIGI Urun Smart Watch with built-in GPS $39.99

//[Amazon.ca] UMIDIGI Urun Smart Watch with built-in GPS $39.99

[Amazon.ca] UMIDIGI Urun Smart Watch with built-in GPS $39.99

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July 21, 2021


A built-in GPS smart watch at this price point probably worth a try:

https://www.amazon.ca/dp/B08LL3LJV5?ref … f14f814_NA

Amazon product: Smart Watch UMIDIGI Urun, Built-in GPS Activity Tracker for Women Men, Fitness Tracker with Blood Oxygen Monitor and Heart Rate Monitor, 5ATM Waterproof Pedometer for iPhone Samsung and Android.
Customer Reviews:
Having been disappointed with lower priced electronics in the past, I was hesitant to buy this but the low price and good reviews convinced me to take a chance. Winner! | Once I had the watch set up I went to pair it with an app for my phone. I chose veryfitpro and they found each other and it has been true love ever since. Before you think that I can do this and you can’t, that’s not true. I am in my 70’s and not particularly up on all the latest gadgets. But this was dead simple. | Even my daughter and son in law, with their very expensive apple watches, were impressed. They have not yet synced their watches and I showed them what they were missing out on. For me one of the most important apps on this watch is the sleep monitor. Measuring the amount of deep sleep that I get has been a real eye opener…. no pun intended. Heart rate , blood pressure , find my phone, oxygen levels…. all great. | This UFit is probably the most useful thing I have bought in years. | P.S. I am writing this a couple of months after buying so…. not only does it work, it lasts.


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