Looks like a great dash cam in true 4k and it comes with a rear camera and the hardware kit to wire it to you fuse panel. Great reviews and a solid price for 4k+rear cam+hardware kit

Amazon product: TOGUARD 4K Dual Dash Cam for Cars UHD 2160P+1080P Front and Rear Dash Camera, 3″ Display Car Dashboard Camera Capacitor Drive Recorder w/Hardwire Kit 24H/7 Parking Mode G-Sensor Support 256GB SD Card
Customer Reviews:
Wasn’t expecting much but what i got made it amazing. | Was looking for a dashcam for about a month. Did plenty of research, i mean plenty. Over a month with probly a hundred different models where looked at. | Now i could’ve went with a known brand that would’ve cost 4 times what this camera cost fr the exact same specs. I however decided to go with toguard and really happy i did. | Here are a few points: | – 2 cameras. Front and rear. Front is true 4k and not 1440p.(Some companies try to pass 2.5k for 4k.) Rear is 1080p. | – camera quality is excellent. It looks luxurious without any fluff and just slick. Especially the rear camera is much much nicer then other models that include a rear camera. Toguard includes a quality rear camera that looks good and performs good. | – no lithium battery. That means it will resist cold temperatures and especially heat way better. It uses a capacitor. A big one. | – image/video quality is shpack. (Thats way better then good). Like i said the front is true 4k. Makes images and videos super clear and top quality. Plates can be read.(however: and this goes for any and all cameras: if your hitting bumps in the road and car in front of you is bouncing the plate will be less readable. At night if your car lights are directly on the plate it will turn it white and unreadable. That happens to any camera outthere. Its normal.) | **(I will edit my review soon with footage but it wont be true 4k because amazon will render it lower but hopefully you’ll be able to see the quality of the front and rear cameras)**. | – comes in a nice box and everything is nicely packaged. | Comes with a rear camera but also the hardwire kit.(many others do not include it and must be purchased separately.). It does also include the 12v outlet plug. | – the camera is super small and isn’t very noticeable. (See pictures). Its smaller then my google tv remote. | – rear camera has plenty of wire to go from the front of my car to the rear and have more then enough wire left to put it any place i want. (Its installed in an acura tl.) | – you can review the footage on the camera if you need to. It loop records on the sd card like every other camera. | – im using the camera with a endurance sd card of 64gb. (Endurance version of sd cards where only 2$ more then a regular one and they are far better for loop recording and highly recommended for dashcams. Regular sd cards have a tendency of failling often because of the heavy uses loop recorsing creates. That is the card fault and not the camera) | Reason for purchase over others: 1) dual camera with the front trye 4k and a good looking 1080p rear one. 2) overall look of both cameras 3) price. Price for what you are getting was unbeatable by others. (It also had a coupon at the time of purchase). It even beats 400$ camera bundles. (Saw some 400$ camera bundles that had a cheap 720p rear camera. Seriously! At 400$ i would expect 2 4k cameras. But the name, the name is what your paying for) | Overall im very satisfied so far. I wanted to use it a couple weeks before reviewing it to be sure it was good and it is. | I would highly recommend this package. Excellent value vs quality vs price. | Theres no point having a 720p camera for 40$ that puts out bad videos. Save up and get this toguard 4k + 1080 package.