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Had this vacuum on alert for awhile…

Vacuum wars gave it a pretty decent review (youtube)

25% off

Camelx3 showing near all time low

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Amazon product: Tineco A11 Master+ Cordless Vacuum Stick Lightweight Handheld Carpet Cleaner Vacuum
Customer Reviews:
Absolutely love this vacuum! Prior to getting the A11Master+, I had had two Dyson handhelds. | Both handhelds had issues: the power didn’t last very long, the batteries had to be replaced regularly AND I found very hard on my hand to HOLD the switch ON all the time. | The A11 Master is wonderful and just as powerful as the Dysons I had. | PLUS you don’t have to HOLD the switch when you use it (it’s optional)! PLUS it has a lot of juice! It comes with TWO batteries. So far, I have been able to do my daily cleanings using a SINGLE battery! But it is nice – and stress free – to know that if you need more time, battery number 2 is ready for duty! Great feeling. | And the ACCESSORIES!!! So many of them! You are sure to have the tool you need for anything! | There are some accessories you will use regularly – this is why the A11Master+ (the WallMount version of this model) holds the handheld with the large PowerBrush that you prefer (I use the “all floors”) at the end of the tube, plus | • the cleaning hook/brush that cleverly stored inside the small tube of the horizontal bar, | • and your THREE favourite handheld accessories. All other accessories, that you only use occasionally fit nicely inside a string pulling bag. The only accessory I do not store in the bag is the second large PowerBrush (the hard floor only brush) | I LOVE this vacuum! I have never needed to use the MAXIMUM power yet. The regular power has proven to be enough. Another plus is that the noise level is ok, really not very loud. | I also love the lights on the PowerBrush! You see so much better than relying on day light or electric lights to clean, it’s a very big plus! And the PowerBrush is so good, I seldom use the handheld version anymore. I mean, I used to grab my Dyson handhelds anytime I would need a dustpan and broom. Not anymore!! I just grab beloved Tineco A11 Master with my all floor PowerBrush and I get everything done in a jiffy!! And a very good job that is: i save my back, i save time, and the place is clean! Then I anchor “Tiny” back on the Mount (love the WallMount too). Now I use the handheld for the couch/chairs and the car. | Oh yes, and I didn’t mention another very clever thing about “Tiny”, how you clean the filters. The company has even invented a special accessory that permits to clean the pre-filter right on the handheld itself rather than have to wash it all the time. One more thing: the guide/manual is clear, well written and well presented. It is printed on very good quality paper which is a rarity these days. | There’s one feature I would have liked my “Tiny” to have – and this is why I took one star away for manoeuverability – I wish the tube would have the capability of positioning and “clicking” into a straight up vertical position and stay up when attached to a PowerBrush, but it can’t: we have to lean it against a wall. | Bottom line: This is a very useful tool, a big time saver. You are getting your moneys worth.