It’s 27 videos, remastered in 1080p – 4K, lightly remixed in 5.1 by Giles Martin.

Beatles enthusiasts, enlighten us with your (positive) knowledge.

What it’s not :
This is not the 1+ version with an extra BR.
This is not a bluray Audio.

Note :
17.00$ is the lowest price ever.

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Customer Reviews:
A must have for true Beatles fan! Best enjoyed through a surround sound system as this is a 5.1 remaster from Peter Mew. Awesome liner notes (like a small book!) by Sir George Martin and Mark Lewisohn. | On the second DVD, you’ll find some of the same songs as on the first one, just different music videos with the same soundtrack. The CD is great to carry and enjoy in the car or anywhere you want to take your favorite band for a listen. This is obviously going to become a very expensive collectible when it goes out of print, so I can only suggest that you get one now! | If you found my review helpful, please select yes.