DS1019+, Synology 5 Bay NAS, 8GB RAM, $700 sold and shipped by Amazon.

Excellent model, lowest price ever by far according to CCC.

This is not for people who would enjoy building their own from scratch.

Amazon product: Synology 5 Bay NAS DiskStation DS1019+ (Diskless)
Customer Reviews:
This is a robust enough NAS to be able to stream from Plex, record TV shows with a HD Homerun tuner, make backups of servers and desktops and general all around use. | As a Plex Server, this NAS does a great job. It has no issues streaming 1080p, recording TV shows or watching live TV with a Plex Pass. | Synology keeps its OS up to date with security fixes and feature updates. | The Synology Surveillance Station is great if you have generic video surveillance cameras, like Amcrest, Reolink and others. I have been using this feature for years and purchased the licenses to use more cameras at once. | The 5 bays give you ample space. I have 5 x 10 TB WD RED drives and with RAID, it gives me 35 TB of formatted space. | The Virtual Machine Manager works, but it isolates me from the raw drive images, so I prefer how QNAP easily exposes the drive images their version, primarily for backup purposes. For VM’s, in my opinion, QNAP is a better choice. | The iSCSI feature works well. | This one comes with an external power brick, which I like better than some previous versions of 5 bay Synology NAS’. | Technically, you can upgrade it to 16 GB of RAM if needed for virtual machines. Synology doesn’t support it, but it works. | Depending on your needs, both the DS1019+ (5 bay) and DS718+ (2 bay) are great NAS’ and easily recommend them.