Great family game. This is the lowest price it has been.

This is the party version which improves upon the original Sushi Go and plays up to 8 people.

Amazon product: GameWright SushiGoParty! Card Games
Customer Reviews:
This is a very quick and entertaining game and enhances the original Sushi Go card game by adding new cards and increasing the amount of players who can play. It’s not an expansion and you do not need to own the original Sushi Go card game to play it; all of the original cards from the original game are included in this box plus many new ones. What makes this edition clever is that there are a larger variety of cards and some new game dynamics and you can change the “menu” to include different cards every game so it keeps the game fresh and fun and non-repetitive. | It’s a great family game and doesn’t require a huge time investment to play (15 minutes to half an hour depending on the size of the group). I would personally probably not play with kids younger than 7 or 8 (6 at the youngest, depending on the child), not because the game is really hard, just because the strategy on some of the cards might be confusing for really young kids. There is no upper age limit, though; it’s equally fun for adults as it is for kids. | The game play is otherwise the same as the original Sushi Go. It’s a “pick and pass” card game where players try to collect different sets of cards by selecting one card each round and then passing their hand to the left. The beauty of this is that every player plays on every turn so there’s no waiting around for “your turn” and the game moves quickly. Plus, everyone knows what’s in the hands so it makes it fun to try to get your sets before someone else steals the cards you want.