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Amazon product: Sunbeam 14-Inch X 18-Inch Non-Stick Electric Griddle CKSBGRFM20-033,Black
Customer Reviews:
We are a family of six . Two adults and four children. We needed something large enough to cook LOTS of pancakes in the shortest possible time. As much as I hate to admit it, we used a simple frying pan to cook our pancakes two at a time for years. Do you know how long that took? It got to the point where we tried to avoid making pancakes on the weekends. However my 11 year old son would always ask for them to be made. I felt ashamed to say ” Nah, it takes too long so just eat what you like to eat during the week before you go to school…Frosted flakes” | Finally, we had no choice but to find a solution. We purchased this griddle based on the positive reviews. I have to say that we have not been disappointed. We were able to cook six large pancakes at a time. It took 5 minutes to cook six( 2 minutes per side). We usually cook 18 pancakes for breakfast.with this Sunbeam griddle evryne sat down to eat within in fifteen minutes. Before with the frying pan it took 45 minutes to cook 18 pancakes. Ridiculous if you ask me. | As far as the non stick surface. It works like a charm. We were able cook all of these pancakes without adding butter to the surface. | Other than pancakes, I have cooked eggs and sausages on this thing. Again, no sticking and no extra oil needed. | So overall, if you have a large family the. This is the solution to a lot of problems created during breakfast time. The product does what it claims. Excellent!