Best price ever according to ccc on these headphones. There’s a new version out this year so you may want to research it first but at $300 this is a great price

UPDATE – expires in 7 hours from right now! That’s 3am EST on October 30.

Amazon product: Sony Noise Cancelling Headphones WH1000XM3: Wireless Bluetooth Over the Ear Headphones with Mic and Alexa voice control – Black
Customer Reviews:
Pros: | Great sound – Instrument separation is top class, the bass is strong, high pitch is quite nice. | Fairly comfortable – All I can say is that this model is much better than XM2, it might not be the most comfortable as far as I can tell. | Amazing charge + playback time – Longest playback time in the industry + fastest charging speed! Just google it then you will see. | Ez to use playback control – One of the easiest to use playback control with the help of the help of a side touch panel. | Much improved call quality – Much better sound quality when compared to the last gen. Some people might hate the fact that the ANC does not work during the call and you can hear your own sound really really clearly during the call. However, this was done so that you won’t talk EXTRA loud in the public because you cannot hear yourself that well; you can also feel fairly safe when you are talking and walking because you will become quite aware of your surrounding. | BEST! NOISE CANCELLING! – After comparing to QC35 II and other products, this XM3 cancels out the most amount of noise in all situation. Try it out for yourself to tell the difference. | Wonderful build quality – This time sony really tried really hard to build something that feels like a premium headphone. Everything about it feels high-end! | USB Type C – Finally supporting USB type c. Faster charge and I do not need to use an additional out-dated cable to charge it. | Cons: | Bad Bluetooth connection – Cannot connect to more than 1 device at a time and it is SOOO slow to connect to it when you are switching from one device to another when you are comparing to QC35 II. | High pitch sounds/treble is often too sharp – Listing to female vocal at higher volume often sound like needles poking at your ear. You must learn how to use EQ to lower the frequency at around 5khz – 8khz range so the sound can be more balanced. This is less of a problem on something like QC35 II. Although listing to music at around 60% – 70% on your phone will sound perfectly fine. | Compare to QC35 II: | Better sound from a pure instrument playback perspective. Everything sounds a bit clearer than QC35 II. However, it seems like QC35 II has a better soundstage; everything feels a bit more lifelike. I would pick QC35 II for listening to anything that is similar to live performance while the XM3 is great for something like EDM/Hip-pop/Rap. | QC35 II is more comfortable still. The way that QC35 II is built gives a bit more space for the back of your ear. For anyone that has big ears, you will 100% fine QC35 to be more comfortable! If your ear is somewhat smaller, then your ear will never even touch the inner earcup. | QC35 also has much much quicker Bluetooth connection than XM3. XM3 takes like 5-6 seconds at least to connect to the phone. | XM3’s mic is less sensitive than QC35 II. Voice is a bit far away from away when I asked my friends to give me feedback on the quality of phone call. QC35 II sounds really really clear but it picks up a bit more noise from the surrounding especially sounds in the mid frequency. | XM3’s build quality feels a lot more solid whereas the QC35 feels like something that you won’t mind throwing around since it feels like something that is cheaper. However, the material used for QC35 does allow it to be EXTREMELY Flexible! Hence, the really high degree of wearing comfort. | Final thoughts: | Buy XM3 if you listen to EDM a lot. Buy it if you have smaller size ear. Buy it if you have want long playback hr and fast charge speed. Buy it if you want THE BEST noise cancellation! | Update: | After 3 month of usage, I found out that the sharp high pitch issue (sound crack when playing extremely high pitch sound) only happens when ANC is on. The high frequency playback for this headphone is in fact quite amazing now that I found out how the problem can be resolved.