Update: price increase from $1858 to $2013 in five minutes. But still in a good deal, I am looking for this tv for a long time. If anyone like Sony tv, it’s time to get it.

Just look this deal. Sony have perfect technology on OLED, it will be a great Gaming and Movie TV.

Amazon product: Sony XBR55A9F/A 55″ 4K Ultra HD Smart Television
Customer Reviews:
I was watching Rise of Skywalker on it and the disappointment was so crystal clear that I could actually see the franchise go down the drain. The blacks are deep, the colors are rich and vibrant and I never thought I would say this about a TV but the sound in this TV is amazing. The built-in speakers are excellent. | The most annoying thing however is Android TV. The WiFi cuts out randomly, apps crash left and right. It’s easily the worst part about an otherwise great TV. Would not recommend for use as a PC monitor because of chances for burn in or any serious color sensitive work. Netflix Mode is a sham, you’re better off viewing in cinema mode.