Good price for a well reviewed electric Snow Joe single stage Snow thrower. Decent enough for light snow just will have trouble getting the stuff the plow leaves in front of your drive way.

Amazon product: Snow Joe SJ623E 18-Inch 15 Amp Electric Single Stage Snow Thrower
Customer Reviews:
I live in Québec, Canada and we’ve received a fair share of snow in the last months. | I’ve been lazy and have not shoveled my patio this year. | But now the snow/ice is about 4-5 feets and I don’t want it to break so I’ve shoveled a bit of and told myself No more! | I’ve bought this little snowblower + a 15A extension as recommended and so far i’m quite impressed. | Sure! I have to break down the ice but that little thing eats right through it. And i’m not soft with it! | I would’nt say it throws snow at 25 feets …maybe 15 but it’s all right for me. | It’s only my second day with it but if something goes wrong, i’ll update this review | Very please so far! | Update 1 : the little joint at the end of the shaft to turn the chute has broken… we’ll see if they have a good warranty process… | Update 2 : so after a couple more uses I discovered that the blades are scraping on the inside of the casing of the unit. | After a call at the company, they are sending me a brand new unit and a prepaid shipping label and I just have to put the old one in the box and return it. So far i’m very satisfied with the customer service (english only)