[Amazon.ca] Silicon Power SSD – 128G = $26, 256G = $41, 512G = $65

//[Amazon.ca] Silicon Power SSD – 128G = $26, 256G = $41, 512G = $65

[Amazon.ca] Silicon Power SSD – 128G = $26, 256G = $41, 512G = $65



Amazon has some inexpensive Silicon Power SSD’s on sale – no DRAM, but low cost. Great for a boot drive on older computers still using mechanical drive.

128G = $26, 256G = $41, 512G = $65





Amazon product: Silicon Power 128GB SSD 3D NAND TLC A58 Performance Boost SATA III 2.5″ 7mm (0.28″) Internal Solid State Drive
Customer Reviews:
I was looking for a small capacity SSD to install in a USB SATA enclosure and was pleased to see Silicon Power’s offer to be the cheapest. I’ve had an SP 2TB “Armor” external hard drive for a a few years which I’m very pleased with. I’m using this as an external osMojave APFS volume as I’ve had some problems installing osMojave on my fusion drive iMac. It’s the ideal and most cost-effective solution despite slightly slower boot time due to the USB 3.0 connection speed. However, once loaded it zips along . This SSD is marginally slower than more expensive makes, but for those who are not super- demanding and are budget conscious, it is good value. FYI, Silicon Power is a Taiwanese company with this product manufactured in Taiwan.


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