[Amazon.ca] Sharpie 8 pack assorted colours. $4.97

//[Amazon.ca] Sharpie 8 pack assorted colours. $4.97

[Amazon.ca] Sharpie 8 pack assorted colours. $4.97



Not a bad deal if you need sharpies. 8npack of assorted colours for 4.97

Regular price 13.11

Amazon product: Sharpie FINE POINT Marker Permanent, Permanent Marker Fine, 8-Carded, Assorted Inks (30217PP)
Customer Reviews:
Your browser does not support HTML5 video. | These pens are great 🙂 The tips are finer than I thought they’d be… I know they say fine tip but for some odd reason I thought the normal tipped ones I usually use were “fine tip” but they aren’t… I like these better. They write very smoothly and the ink is nice and bold. | It does bleed through a little bit, but not too much, though it would likely be more if you held it in one spot for too long. I’m picky about pens and these are very satisfactory to use haha. | They have a mild smell but you can’t smell it unless you try really, they shouldn’t bother you when writing unless you have an extremely sensitive nose. (Ignore the shaky writing in the video, it’s hard to write with your view blocked by the camera that you are holding at the same time haha!) | Provided they don’t run out of ink super quickly, they are well worth the cost! (And if they do run out of rink super fast I’ll update this review to reflect it!)


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