[Amazon.ca] Sennheiser HD 4.40 Around Ear Bluetooth Wireless Headphones (HD 4.40 BT) $98.99

//[Amazon.ca] Sennheiser HD 4.40 Around Ear Bluetooth Wireless Headphones (HD 4.40 BT) $98.99

[Amazon.ca] Sennheiser HD 4.40 Around Ear Bluetooth Wireless Headphones (HD 4.40 BT) $98.99



Usually around $110~130.
They were $200 back in 2017.
Very well reviewed.

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Amazon product: Sennheiser HD 4.40 Around Ear Bluetooth Wireless Headphones (HD 4.40 BT)
Customer Reviews:
EDIT2: I’m sitting here at two in the morning listening to these headphones, and I just realized that there’s a slight static noise when audio is playing. I only noticed because I was listening to a piano instrumental and it’s dead quiet because it’s again, two in the morning. Honestly, it’s a little bit annoying when trying to enjoy these quiet tracks, so keep that in mind if that’s your preferred genre. I understand that this happens to most Bluetooth headphones, and I confirmed this by testing difference sources and different quality audio files with the same results. A very quiet hiss that’s just noticeable when playing quiet tracks. No hiss/static when using them wired. | EDIT: I forgot to mention a few things, will add them in. | Phew, I have a lot to say about these headphones, so buckle up. | Let’s start with the build quality. Now, a lot of reviewers have said that the ear pads are small. That is true, however, I find them to be sufficiently comfortable to wear for extended periods of time. I have a slightly larger than average ear size for both women and men, at about 60-65 mm tall and I believe 35-40 mm wide. My ears are very comfortable height-wise, but the way these headphones are designed, they envelope the back on your ear, and if your ears are especially wide, they press onto your tragus. So for me, that’s the point of discomfort, but I’m more than happy with the overall comfort to compromise giving my ear breaks every now and then. The headphones will also press against your lobule, but usually that’s the softest part of the ear so you likely won’t feel the pressure. My earrings hang out on the bottom and while it looks a bit silly, it doesn’t affect comfort at all. The ear pads are made of a very soft material, and the memory foam is fantastic. The only comment here is that the pads do get oily, but it’s easy to wipe them clean. The headband at the top that touches your hair is made of rubber, and it’s minimal padding, but it’s very wide and should fit everyone fine. The headphones are light too, so unless you have a very sensitive head you won’t notice the weight. With this design, the headphones are a bit loose, so not good for exercise, but they won’t fall off your head even if you lean forward. You’ll have to shake your head pretty violently for them to fall off, the rubber does a great job of sticking to your hair and the ear pads are essentially holding on to your ears. You can also hear your hair rub against the pads, a little annoying but not too bad. The hinges did creak when I first got them, but after some use they seem to have stopped. Overall, solid build quality, headphones seem to be made very well and has no visible defects or weak points. They look beautiful with the minimalist design. They’re small enough that you can comfortable wear them around your neck as well. The included cables are acceptable, the charging cable is higher quality than the 2.5 mm to 3.5 mm cable, which is honestly flimsy, but it doesn’t really matter because I probably won’t use them unless the Bluetooth breaks (knock on wood, hopefully won’t happen for a long, long time). | Next, let’s talk about the Bluetooth. So first thing, NFC and Bluetooth pairing are both extremely simple and easy to use. Once they’re paired, using them is painless. It pairs quickly with no extra work on my end, and the range is great for my uses. No complaints. The only thing to note is if you’re using them on more than one device, for me I’ve had a few glitches. Things such as EQ not working, or not being able to use the headset in Skype calls. I had to reset the pairing history by turning them on pairing mode and holding the multifunction and power button for a few seconds. That fixed all my issues, and I haven’t had issues since. EQ stays working once it’s paired, but I always make sure to check it when I’ve just turned them on, because sometimes it connects so quickly my phone doesn’t realize it. Turning Bluetooth off and on on my phone usually solves the problem. But do note that this might just be my phone and not the headphones, I’m just putting this out there in case anyone is having the same issue. Now on to the buttons and functions on the headset, I find them very easy and intuitive to use. I like them very much and have no complaints. They work on an app-to-app basis, and it basically links to whatever app you’re playing sound through. For example, if I’m using them on my music player I can use the function buttons to skip, pause, fast forward, etc, but once I switch to Youtube, then the buttons affect Youtube. If I want to go back to my music player, I have to manually play music first before the functions switch to my player. Not a problem, really, just something to note if you’re wondering why your function buttons aren’t working. I think it’s a genius implementation, considering all the Bluetooth gear I have used link to only the phone’s default music player, which is a disadvantage because I don’t always like using my default player. Watching videos is acceptable, there is a slight delay and it’s barely noticeable, doesn’t bother me at all. | Alright, next, let’s talk about my setup. If you’ve read this far, congratulations! Thank you for reading, and I hope my review is helpful. I always make a point to write extensive review for headphones, because it’s my hobby after all (audiophile but not audiophool I hope) so I am decently versed in audio quality. I’m running this off my android phone, with aptX installed(I am also a techie so I took advantage of the aptX compatibility and flashed that onto my custom ROM). They sound good even without the codec, but I do recommend you have an aptX compatible device to use the headphones to its fullest potential. I’ve also installed BlackPlayer, because my default audio player crackles and pops when playing higher quality files (I’m playing mp3 files at 320kbps, ripped from CDs). And before anyone asks, yes there is an audible difference between 128kbps and 320kbps, but it’s not obvious on all songs. Some songs sound fine at 128kbps, others sound significantly better at higher qualities. I didn’t bother getting flacs because they take up too much space and I can’t discern the difference normally, much less when I’m on-the-go. So if you’re ripping music, 128kbps to 320kbps would be fine. I’m also using my phone’s EQ (since BlackPlayer’s EQ isn’t compatible with my device) because there’s a harshness on the upper-mids at about 1kHz that hurts my ears. Without EQ, my ears get tired fairly quickly, and I cannot listen for longer than half an hour. I highly recommend EQ’ing these headphones lower. I don’t usually like to use EQ, but with these headphones I have to, so I tried to change it the least possible: -3db at about 1kHz and around 10% virtualization, which isn’t noticeable on the majority of songs, but make certain instruments such as the guitar sound a bit more natural. I’m also not a huge mid-bass fan (the thump), but my EQ can’t tone that down so the amount of bass is subject to your preference. | And finally, sound quality. They’re good. Very good. For the price point, I’ve more than satisfied, and I don’t mind having to EQ it to get it to the right setting, especially because for me, everything is higher than what I normally prefer, so it’s very easy to EQ it down. If I had to EQ it up I wouldn’t be happy, but in this case we’re good. Bass is high in quality and both quantity. Mids are decent in quality, upper mids should be EQ’d down. Treble is fine, but I prefer my treble to be a bit subdued so if you’re a fan of Beyers you might not be happy. Call quality is acceptable, callers can understand me just fine, though obviously the quality is nowhere near how good music sounds with them. | All and all, I like them. I like them a lot. I finally have a portable setup I can use whenever I want to, doing whatever I want to as well, because it’s so easy to transport and use. Sound quality is superb for the price, it costs less than 20% of my normal setup and sounds at least 50% as good. Last thing to note is that if you’re looking for absolute silence, this isn’t the headphone for you because even though it isolates sound to an acceptable level, they’re not perfectly quiet. Otherwise, I cannot recommend them enough if they fit your use case. | TL;DR: | Pros: | + comfortable but your mileage may vary | + stays on your head but not good for exercise | + very portable and folds in either side | + beautiful minimalist look | + strong Bluetooth connection, easy pairing | + multifunction buttons work on an app-to-app basis | + aptX compatible | + latency is barely noticeable, I can watch videos with no complaints | + can comfortably wear around neck | Cons: | – pads can get oily but easy to wipe clean | – hinges might creak and make squeaky noises until you break them in | – you can hear your hair rub against the pads, little annoying but not too horrible | – needs EQ if your ears are sensitive like mine, -3db at 1kHz should do it, % virtualization is optional | – quality and quantity of bass is high. sub-bass (the rumble) is almost too much, but the mid-bass (the thump) is slightly too much for my ears. Is technically more of a pro since EQ down is better than EQ up. | – not that isolating, should be fine for commutes but you will likely hear quiet background noise | – might have to buy hard case, soft case included is nice but not very protective | – call quality is okay, decent for phone calls | – audible hiss on quiet tracks


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