[Amazon.ca] Seagate Expansion Desktop 14TB External Hard Drive (STEB14000402)

//[Amazon.ca] Seagate Expansion Desktop 14TB External Hard Drive (STEB14000402)

[Amazon.ca] Seagate Expansion Desktop 14TB External Hard Drive (STEB14000402)



Seems like a decent deal considering it is 23.57/tb (in comparison to the 25/tb of the 16tb posted last week) with one day prime delivery

Amazon product: Seagate Expansion Desktop 14TB External Hard Drive HDD – USB 3.0 for PC Laptop (STEB14000402)
Customer Reviews:
As for the quality of this drive I found it to be excellent. I’ve bought a number of these in the past to use as an image backup and file backup for my computers. I have 4 of these Seagate 4TB drives and 10 of the 2TB Seagate drives. | What I did find with the 4TB drives if I leave the drive connected to the USB port on the computer 24/7 after about 6 to 8 months the drive starts to have some problems. If I only connect the drive to use it for a number of hours, and then store it when not in use it will last for a long time. You will know if or when this drive unit starts to fail you will see the drive read/write light will start going very dim and soon will not work. Then some time after the drive will stop working. As for the 2TB version of this drive type these can run 24/7 for some years and will not fail. I have a number of these running 24/7 for over 5 years now. | — | I contacted Seagate with the serial number in their warranty exchange program. Without any questions they will take the drive back and exchange it. I did get an email back from them indicating they may send an exchanged drive where they will send a repaired drive unit and not a new one. | I decided to not send the drives back because of any risk for confidential information that is on my drives even though Seagate is secure and is security approved. I was informed Seagate does have recovery service if you agree to the cost. | A fear I have is if the drive gets lost in the mail, and or gets in to the hands of someone who can retrieve the data there is a risk for me. In the past I have had warranty service from Seagate and it worked out very well. I sent drives that don’t have critical data on them. I make three backups on separate drives, and thus I would not require any recovery service. Seagate service has been excellent! | — | Cracking/Busting open the drive case will void any warranties: | I took the effort to crack open the case of the drives that stopped working. I found in all the cases I had it was not the drive itself that failed. It was the small USB to SATA/Power interface board inside that is failing. This small board is is about 3mm thick, about 6mm high, and about 45mm wide. Apparently, there are many people doing this and posting on video sites about how to crack open the case without damaging the drive. This has to be done properly and carefully. | I connected the drives to a USB drive service adapter and ran the full diagnostics. The drives were all super deluxe perfect and would be very reliable to use. The drives I found to be Seagate Barracuda type and of very high performance. They are of standard SATA interface. Seagate drives are highly reliable and of excellent quality from what I found. | I’ve read the majority of times when these drives fail it is not the actual drive itself that fails. It is the interface module inside of the case. I’ve had this also happen with the full size externally powered USB backup drives. I crack open the case and install the drives in to a new external universal type drive case. I’ve also installed them in to computers to use as an internal drive and they ran for some years. This also applies to other manufacture drives. | I bought external drive cases with power supply and USB3 connection for each of these drives. They can also be mounted inside of the computer and used as an internal drive. Take care the 4TB drives are thicker than the 2TB drives and require a thicker external drive case. They will work well in a full size external drive case, but will require some customized mounting. If you were to install this type of drive inside of a PC it would be a very fast drive. Impressive performance! You may require a drive mounting adapter to mount the drive in a 3.5″ form factor bay depending on the type of options in the computer case.


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