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Amazon product: Schlage BE365 PLY 619 Plymouth Keypad Deadbolt, Satin Nickel
Customer Reviews:
What makes this combination lock great is that you have to manually rotate the deadbolt from the lock to unlock position (or vice versa). All the keypad electronics do is trigger a solenoid (i.e. switch) to free the deadbolt for manual rotation. I use to have a motorized deadbolt and when the batteries ran low, it took forever for the electric motor to rotate the deadbolt. You end up standing in front of your door waiting for the motorized deadbolt to unlock or lock your door. Not only that, but the battery depletes quickly when you have a motorized deadbolt. In this case, the battery should last forever given only a small solenoid or switch is activated. This design makes sense and hence far superior to any of the combination motorized deadbolts on the market.