A number of SanDisk flash drives seem to be discounted to all-time lows on Amazon per CCC, particularly those with a 256GB capacity. Other models and sizes are also discounted.

Featured link is a USB 3.0 with dual connector (micro-USB) and OTG. Of course the micro-USB is essentially obsolete, but it’s still usable as a regular high-capacity flash drive.

256 GB USB 3.1 with dual connector (USB C) and OTG is $41.19. … B06XC1WGQR

256GB Ultra Fit USB 3.1 is $38.79. … B07857Y17V

Amazon product: SanDisk 256GBUltra Dual USB Drive 3.0, SDDD2-256G-GAM46(Black)
Customer Reviews:
cheap reliable name brand storage, I bought 4x 256GB and 2x 128GB SanDisk Ultra Dual USB Drive 3.0, the 256GB ones took me about 4 hours to fill with write speed being a solid 15-20 megs a sec, transferred my archives of lossless audio, mostly soundboard clones, worth the wait and once transferred to the 250Gb SanDisk it would let me read at 150-170 megs a sec, totally acceptable for archival storage, I will likely buy more, as for the product being cheaply made.. I have had zero issues so far, just don’t trash them and everything should be good lol