Not the lowest as per CCC but still a good deal for someone looking for a 1TB 2.5inch SSD now.

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Its a well reviewed decent SSD drive.
I have 256GB variant of it from about 4-5 years ago in age old Sony Vaio Laptop, still going strong.

Same price on Bestbuy as well.

Bestbuy Link : … 5/12869342

Amazon product: SanDisk 1TB Ultra 3D NAND SATA III SSD – 2.5-inch Solid State Drive – SDSSDH3-1T00-G25
Customer Reviews:
As my desktop grows old (more than 4 years), booting takes longer and longer (thanks to OS updates), and then I couldn’t tolerate it any more. Swapping the boot drive to SSD speeds up both booting and application loading several times faster. This is the least expensive way to upgrade an older computer. | Very happy with the performance of my old computer now. I hope the Sandisk SSD would last at least 2 years. Time will tell. | If you don’t play games, I recommend upgrading older computer with this SSD. Otherwise, you need a new computer with a more powerful CPU and Graphic card.