$4 off


The Samsung PRO Endurance Micro SD Card 64GB has been been steadily going down in price since the end of January, and just reached a new low of $24. These SD cards are supposed to be great for dash cams according to a bunch of review sites: … r-dashcam/ … sh-cameras

I just picked one up for a Garmin Mini dash cam I just bought.

Note that it is sold by a 3rd party and fulfilled by Amazon. I think some people are a little sketched out by SD cards sold my 3rd party… I checked the 3rd party seller and they seem to have good reviews historically so decided to give them a shot.

Amazon product: Samsung PRO Endurance Micro SD Card 64GB with Adapter MB-MJ64GA
Customer Reviews:
Received a genuine Samsung memory card, according to Samsung’s software, so it’s all good in that regard. Seems to be working well in my cars dash camera (Blackvue) for the week that I’ve had it in the camera. With normal microSD cards I’ve had nothing but trouble, I can usually tell within a day if it works or not, since the camera will start randomly rebooting every 5-10 minutes. This is good news for me, because it’s been a struggle to find microSD cards that do work properly, aside from the extremely expensive camera manufacture branded ones.