Samsung Evo Plus 1TB at $70 off. Pretty close to the all time low of $189.99 according to CCC.

Lot of great options out there for M2 drives these days, so not the cheapest even on sale, but a lot of people still swear by their Samsung Evos.

Note this is the Evo Plus, I’m not sure what differences it actually makes, but their hierarchy goes Evo < Evo Plus < Evo Pro. The regular Evo 970 1TB is currently $229.99.

Also not sure what the [Canada Version] entails.

Amazon product: Samsung 970 EVO Plus 1TB NVMe M.2 Internal SSD (MZ-V7S1T0/AM) [Canada Version]
Customer Reviews:
This m.2 form factor is for you if you are running a mid-high range system. | To give a quick overview of my current spec; | i7-7700k | 16GB ddr4 HyperX RAM | 2x Samsung 850 Evo 2.5” SATA 500GB | MSI GTX1060 6GB | ASUS Prime z270-a | Value: | This is a great upgrade if you are happy with your spec with video editing & graphics performance. I am not a heavy gamer nor I edit videos (thus my storage) but with lots of file transfer, new NVMe storage solution was the next go-to upgrade. @ $0.74 per GB and with NVMe m.2 form factor being the next generation storage solution, the price will be going down and already has. I purchased the current two SATA 500GB for about $170 so this was a no brainer for me. With read and write speed being about 5x faster (your mileage may vary explained below) you will instantly see an improvement in your quality of life when spending time transferring files or opening an application are now painless. | Installation: | This is a hard part for most people. If you currently have an m.2 ssd as a boot drive you already should know how to install/migrate the old boot drive to this one. Samsung Migration App is very straight forward and easy to use. But there are few hurdles. First initalize the drive first, I’m a total novice and didn’t realize I had to initialize the drive (SATA is easier as it has its own connection) as NVMe is read through PCIe slot so don’t fret if you don’t see the drive not being read on first boot. | Check your mobo if the support is there for newest gen m.2. I have z270 and boy was I glad I didn’t cheap out on mobo when I first bought it. | And finally check if you have the m.2 slot enabled to x4 speed in your BIOS. (Usually x2 or x4 as an option) and newest drivers installed both for Mobo and m.2. | Packaging: | Pretty simple, no BS packaging. I however personally don’t like excessive packaging but with electronics becoming smaller and more delicate I understand.. comes with manual and the m.2 stick. No screws, most mobo will include m.2 screws if they support it. | Overall: | Very happy with the purchase, again it’s a no brainer upgrade if you are content with cpu/gpu performance at the moment and looking to make your pc have a bit more snap. Definitely consider purchasing if you are in the market, Samsung has always made a quality product and this one (to issues with fakes going around from microSDs to SSDs) was made in Korea and with benchmark tests, was a legit piece. If you are looking for a long term and massive storage solution I suggest you instead go for Barracudas 4TB-8TBs with your favourite RAID settings, much more effective and cost efficient