I typically order SSD’s for our computers at work, and needed one for 256 GB (very small, but all files are stored on a network drive anyways).
Turns out the 500 GB was cheaper than 256GB, and it is also at the infamous C’s all-time low price

Delivery date is a bit slow though – showing March 2 or 3rd for me.

Solid SSD – have ordered multiples of these in the past.

Amazon product: Samsung 860 EVO 500GB SATA 2.5″ Internal SSD (MZ-76E500/AM) [Canada Version]
Customer Reviews:
Excellent, as with any Samsung SSD, quality of all around performance is hard to match (especially for the price). | Performance is about the same as the 850evo, however the life time write endurance is up in a huge way, now up to 300TB up from the 850s 150TB which is 16X more durability. | This means that the 860evo will allow 168.78GB/day of writes every day for 5 years, compared to 850s 84.39GB/day (1TB = 1024GB). | Fantastic for small studios & small business video editors. | Still same great value for gaming & all around quick storage.