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Amazon product: Ring Fit Adventure – Nintendo Switch
Customer Reviews:
Holy moly. I am so impressed with this game. I am recovering from a car accident, including soft tissue damage and extensive brain injury. | I have been unable to walk for more than 5 minutes without triggering vertigo. It has been hard to motivate myself to push my limits and get out and walk in the cold gloomy weather we’ve been having lately with the worry of getting myself home once I feel cruddy. | You can customize your fitness levels easily on this. I started everything on the lowest settings it would let me, as my goal at the moment is to increase my walking stamina and improve nerve communication between my eyes and feet for balance. (More complicated than most of you care about but this is my life, these days). I completed the first 2 worlds on my first go. Fast walked, with strength and resistance exercises, I covered more than 3km. I sweat. I needed to rehydrate. | I got dizzy. And kept going. I started to get sore. And kept going. I only stopped because I know I did way too much my first try. It’s the most exercise I’ve done in over a year. And… It’s taking every ounce of restraint I have to not pick it up and play some more. It’s fun. I want to know what happens next. I’m really looking forward to rebuilding my strength and health and feel this is the perfect tool. | For those of you looking for a serious work out – buy it. Casual work out – buy it. It will be what you make it. | As an RPG, I suspect it will get old but I’m hoping everyone hops on and Nintendo does a stronger story/game line with the next version. | This will definitely keep me going until then. Maybe, just maybe Nintendo will make the controllers compatible with many games. I would love to play every game in this mode.