Last time I missed the sale and have been tracking this for a while. The Renpho body scale is back on sale. Original price was $43.99 but with $15 coupon the price goes down to $28.99

Amazon product: RENPHO Body Fat Scale Smart Digital Bluetooth Bathroom Weight BMI Scale Body Composition Monitor Analyzer with Smartphone App 396 lbs White
Customer Reviews:
I didn’t know what to expect from this scale. It costs less than a third of what the FitBit Aria costs. I owned (and was eternally frustrated by) a FitBit Aria. To cut right to the chase, this scale is better than the Aria. Build quality isn’t quite as good, but the app is remarkably better than FitBit’s app and is much easier to setup and pair. And, if you’re still tied to FitBit’s ecosystem for other reasons (maybe you have a tracker), the RenPho app automatically syncs your weight into FitBit. | This is one of the few occasions where a MUCH cheaper alternative to a name brand product delivers a MUCH better experience.