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Looking to learn Python?

Python is technically an interpreted programming language that came into existence almost 3 decades ago. This wasn’t even the first language to come out, as there had been many others in existence and in use by a large number of computer and software experts. There were C, C++, Java, and so many other major names which are still considered as all-time greats. However, writing codes using these languages often caused more problems, especially for people like us who had no idea about programming language.

Imagine receiving the entire project to learn from and analyze. Coded by another programmer, it would pose quite a lot of challenges for you to read, let alone understand what the programmer had tried to achieve using this gigantic code.

This was becoming more than your ordinary issue to deal with. More and more computer enthusiasts would spend days, weeks, and even months just to come to terms with what the programmer had done. Similarly, one person, a Dutch programmer named Guido Van Rossum, felt the need to have another language that could simplify things for everyone and make writing code a little more efficient. Little did he know that he would soon go on to become a living legend.

For any computer enthusiast out there, there are a huge number of languages which are constantly being updated every day. As recently as a few decades ago, we only had a few options to learn from and it was comparatively easier for everyone to decide which language to start with. With the passage of time, things have started to expand and so have the number of languages. While this is quite good progress, it does boggle the mind of those who have no idea about what a programming language is and makes the decision-making part harder than ever before.

If you are someone who has no idea about programming or any prior experience, it would have taken you quite a lot of time before coming to a conclusion about which language you would like to start with. In our case, we have settled on Python.

There are multiple reasons why Python has quickly become one of the most demanded programming languages of modern times. Easy to understand and easy to operate, this language has allowed thousands of programmers to master the art of programming and further enhance their careers and insights into the world of automation, machine learning, and even gaming.

While Python itself is considered as a “high-level programming language,” this book will try to ensure that the approach towards Python is generalized so that even the absolute beginners are able to comprehend and understand the science and logic behind the language.

This book covers:

What is pythonWhy pythonGetting started with pythonA comprehensive backgroundHow to download and install pythonIDLE and how to write your first programOperators

…And much more!

The book will highlight aspects which might be easier to understand for those who may have prior programming knowledge or experience. However, do not let that get in the way of learning if you literally have zero understanding of programming concepts. We will try to walk through each of these in detail.