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Public Mobile SIM Card shows reg price as $8.49, now $5. Regularly sells for $5 on Amazon and

Amazon product: Public Mobile SIM Card for Unlocked Phones (GSM) on Canada’s Largest Mobile Network
Customer Reviews:
I was tired of paying $140 for my partner and I to have service with Bell or Rogers. So I thought I’d give this a try. I’m now paying under $50 for the two plans and I couldn’t be happier! | When you receive this sim card, you go online to activate it, choose a plan and be up and running within an hour. You pay for each month of service in advance. And the money saved is startling! The signal is better when in stores where Bell usually gives me 0 bars. The data is 3G rather than LTE but it’s very fast 3G. I can’t tell the difference. I’m paying $22 per month for unlimited calls, unlimited texts and 1gb of data. That’s unbeatable! I’m saving $1080 per year.