October 14, 2020



Amazon product: Sun Joe AJ801E 12 Amp 13″ Electric Scarifier Plus Lawn Dethatcher with Collection Bag
Customer Reviews:
This thing works really well. It’s better than most dethathers because it also has a Scarifier blade. | It has 2 interchangeable blades, one for scarifying (cutting up the lawn, aerating it and getting rid of moss) and one for dethatching (scraping and loosening debris, dead grass and thatch from last season) | It also has a bag – but I used mine without the bag … the bag was filling up too fast. | You would be surprised how much detritus this thing will find in your lawn…bags and bags and bags of dead thatch. | It’s best to seed after you scarily / dethatch … this is the first season I’ve dethatched out of 8 years I’ve lived in my house. My lawn has never been greener than this year. | I didn’t dethatch or seed my backyard so I could get an idea of what the difference is between a scarified / dethatched lawn and a lawn that you just seed and water normally. | Wow, what a difference. My backyard is now full of weeds, crabgrass and moss … my front yard is perfect. | Highly recommend this product! It was super easy to put together and use.