[Amazon.ca] Prime Day: Nintendo Switch Pokemon Let’s Go games $39.99

//[Amazon.ca] Prime Day: Nintendo Switch Pokemon Let’s Go games $39.99

[Amazon.ca] Prime Day: Nintendo Switch Pokemon Let’s Go games $39.99



Noticed that a few switch games are on sale.
Pokemon Let’s Go Pikachu – Pikachu Edition
Pokemon Let’s Go Eevee – Eevee Edition

Lowest price according to dekudeals (which actually didn’t register this deal)

“Catch ’em” while they last. My RFD effect sense is tingling.

Amazon product: Pokemon Let’s Go Pikachu – Pikachu Edition
Customer Reviews:
First things first: set your expectations for what this game is. It’s supposed to be a crossover of Pokemon Yellow and Pokemon Go. There’s elements of both games in this game. If you run into this game thinking it retains all of Yellow’s mechanics from almost 20 years ago, you’ll be disappointed. | It’s meant to be a game to please both crowds, and it does it pretty well. It also aims to attract a wider crowd, so it is definitely much easier and forgiving than the old Game Boy games, specifically – you don’t battle wild Pokemon. You catch them Go-style, and your entire party benefits from the EXP gained in the catch. In the caves of the game you’ll find an old man willing to give you Poke Balls if you’re empty, so you can technically farm and level up your party indefinitely without having to buy balls. And yes, your party really does level up very fast with lots of catching. | But it also keeps a lot of traditional mechanics from the old games. You battle just as you’ve always done, although poison no longer chips away at your ‘mon as you walk around. Your ‘mons evolve at levels and learn moves, and you can give them TMs, although TMs are now unlimited use. There’s items to pickup and your partner can point out hidden items. You can boost your ‘mon’s stats, although they inherited the Candy mechanic from Go for this. While there are no more bikes, you can ride on top of 17 Pokemon – plus you can run and walk. And finally, as is the case for Yellow and the anime, your partner Pikachu cannot evolve (but your rival’s Eevee can?). | And most of all, the game is damn charming. Maybe it’s how they reimagined Kanto and the general visual style of the game. Maybe it’s the quirkiness of playing with your partner Pikachu. Overall, just love it.


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