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Not sure if this was posted yet, but just saw this go on sale. It’s a great baby monitor, and you get one year free of Nanit Insights. The price shows $319.99, but at checkout, you’ll see an extra 20% off.

The camera + breathing wear + multistand is also on sale for $319.99 (regular $499). The multi-stand can be mounted on a tripod if you don’t want to mount it to the wall.


Amazon product: Nanit Plus – Smart Baby Monitor and Wall Mount: Camera with HD Video & Audio – Sleep Tracking – Night Vision – Temperature & Humidity Sensors and Two-Way Audio
Customer Reviews:
I am unhappy about several things. First of all, it was not made clear that the universal stand mount won’t allow the breathing sensors to work. This is tragic because baby is in a bassinet in our room, not in his crib yet. As per recommendations that newborns sleep in the same room as their parents, this is the planned set up for months. This essentially renders the features I bought the Nanit for completely useless. I am also upset that this could not have been discovered before we brought baby home from the hospital because of the inability to pair the camera and test it out without starting the free trial of the analytics. This is a real flaw in the system, as you should be able to decide when you want to “activate” the sleep analytics package. We could not even test the WiFi connection to see if this worked in our home without starting the 1 year trial. Turns out we should have just paired it and wasted that time because it is all useless for us now anyways. We have the wall mount installed in baby’s room, but didn’t know until baby was home that it needed to have been installed by the bassinet instead. Now that baby is here, we have no time or desire to change it’s location and do all that work again. I had purchased both stands because I wanted to be able to move the camera back and forth as needed once baby starts napping in his own room. I am very disappointed this does not work, and I am frustrated this was not clear in any of the material or countless reviews I read. It seems a real shame to have to choose between following recommendations to keep baby close and wasting a ton of money by not getting to use this product the way it was designed. It also means I wasted a bunch of money on the breathing wear in small sizes, which he cannot use now. I feel extremely cheated and this is the reason I will not be recommending the Nanit to anyone.