30% off


I’ve been buying this 2-pack for years, usually paying between $17-$21 depending if I had used a coupon and/or S&S.

Currently, it’s 30% off, limit 4, but no S&S.

The ones I bought last month had expiry dates in 2023.

The regular version 2-pack is also on sale at $13.99.

Amazon product: hydraSense Advanced Eye Drops, For Dry Eyes, Fast and Long Lasting Relief, Preservative Free, Naturally Sourced Lubricant, With Provitamin B5, Home and Away Twin Pack (2 x 10 mL), 20 mL
Customer Reviews:
The most soothing eye drops I’ve ever used. I had laser eye surgery a while back and was suffering from serious case of dry eyes but I can see a major improvement since using these drops. I can say with certainty that it is the effect of these drops, I’ve gone from using another brand of preservative-free eye drops from 5-6 times a day to 2-3 times. My only issue is that it’s sometimes difficult to get the drops to come out but that’s not going to prevent me from buying these in the future.