[Amazon.ca] Prime Day: Ethical Bean Coffee Beans 2lbs $13.99

//[Amazon.ca] Prime Day: Ethical Bean Coffee Beans 2lbs $13.99

[Amazon.ca] Prime Day: Ethical Bean Coffee Beans 2lbs $13.99



Pretty good coffee for this price IMO. Bought 2 bags.

Amazon product: Ethical Bean Fair Trade Organic Coffee, Lush Medium Dark Roast, Whole Bean Coffee – 907g (2lb) Bag
Customer Reviews:
?✅Pros | ?quality beans | ?well roasted, not over roasted | ?fresh beans | ?quality packaging keeps beans fresh | ?Tastes great | ?bargain price for the quality | ❌?Cons | There are no cons | Bottom line? | I think most coffee drinkers will enjoy the flavor of this coffee. ☕?It tastes great and is a bargain price. ??I highly recommend these beans. | Review? | This coffee is very good. ?As soon as I opened the bag I new I would enjoy this coffee. ?The beans smelled so good and fresh.?? They look like they were well roasted because they were not oily or too dark. ?The packaging is good quality, heavy duty and effective at keeping the beans fresh. ??The package has a snap close seal which works well to keep the beans fresh after you open the package. The expiry date is 10 months ?from when I received the beans and all the beans were in perfect form, none were broken or cracked. ?This is good because I know the beans are fresh, and they are handled with care. ??✈? | I brewed the coffee using 6 grams per cup. ⚖The strength is perfect at that ratio. The taste was very good, the right balance of bitterness and boldness. ?I am very happy with this bag of coffee because the cost is low and the quality is high. I find that with coffee, the lower the price, the worst the taste/quality. This coffee is of high quality, tastes great and is low cost. ???I recommend this to anyone who like coffee. The medium dark roast is a very nice balance of strength, flavor and bitterness. I think everyone who drinks coffee will enjoy the flavor of this coffee.


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