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Flat cable, comes with clips, excellent performance.

Amazon product: CableGeeker Cat7 Shielded Ethernet Cable 50ft White (Highest Speed Cable) Flat Internet Network Cable Support Cat5/Cat6 Network,600Mhz,10Gbps + Free Clips and Straps for Router Xbox Modem
Customer Reviews:
Not much to talk about Ethernet cables except it works and appears to be well-made. Highly recommended and would buy again. | — | Update: 2019.11.24 | I’ve been using these cables for over a year now and they have been working fine without issues. They are being used to interconnect switches across different rooms. The short video showed part of the cable run along the ceiling line in the living room. They served what I needed them to be and most people who came over often didn’t even notice there were cables up there at all. | Note that speed test via the Internet is NOT a good measure of the quality (speed) of these cables since everything in between (multiple network devices and cables) could skew the result. The best (and perhaps the only) way to obtain accurate results is to perform the test between 2 computers (with or without a switch). This particular test was performed with 1 switch/2 cables (the other one being a 5-6ft long cat6) in between them. | Quick test result; | Send: 935 Mbps (~116.88 MB/s) | Receive: 936 Mbps (117.00 MB/s) | Pretty good result given the circumstance.