[Amazon.ca] Prime Day: Casio F-91W digital watch $12.96

//[Amazon.ca] Prime Day: Casio F-91W digital watch $12.96

[Amazon.ca] Prime Day: Casio F-91W digital watch $12.96

October 14, 2020


Lowest price in 3 years. Marked down to $18.51 with an additional 30% taken off at checkout during Prime Day. Most other Casio watches are 30% off as well

Amazon product: Casio Men’s Classic Black Resin Strap Watch Digital F91W-1
Customer Reviews:
The quintessential watch for any collector. Bought this first for myself and passed it down to my 6 year old who loves it. This is a great little watch and should be a part of anyone’s collection. It is water resistant but I have taken it swimming etc and it works like a charm. Easy to read. If I had to come up with a negative, it would have to be the light. It is weak and small. You can see the face but it could be brighter. Definitely not as good as the newer illuminator models but not horrible. I would highly recommend this watch. It does wear small BUT that helps it to almost disappear on the wrist. Extremely light and comfortable. The strap is soft and supple and conforms nicely to the wrist. For the price, this is one of the best values you can get. PLEASE purchase this watch for your kids if you are getting them their first… don’t get swayed by the “Spiderman” etc watches at Walmart that are cheap (cheaply made not cheap price $30 bucks for a kids watch?!) because you are simply paying for the name. I just purchased another F91-W for my other son. This watch will start a lifetime love of watches! Do it!


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