It is a legendary watch. A little big. But the price is excellent.
It is a quartz movement.

Amazon product: Bulova Men’s 45mm Special Edition Lunar Pilot Chronograph Watch
Customer Reviews:
Vividly remember the space race, so to wear a piece of space history was a must. | Did my research on the Bulova and finally ordered through Amazon…. I’ll I can say is upon opening the beautifully designed watch box I was shocked at Bulova’s superbly crafted timepiece….it was large, unbelievably impressive,time accuracy was uncanny……I’m stunned on how Bulova can market this beautiful gem for | this price …. don’t hesitate on this Bulova it’s a must have…. | FOLLOW UP REPORT | Been a month now wearing the Bulova Moon Watch…it hasn’t left my wrist…the Bulova precisionist quartz movement is absolutely dead accurate… It truly has not lost a millisecond….after showing it to a close friend and fellow watch enthusiast he too ordered the Moon Watch, and although he switched the existing leather strap to a bracelet…he is just as enamoured with this gem as I am… | I’ve compared my Bulova to the Omega | Moon Watch, and granted fit and finish is just barley ahead,and yes it has an in house automatic movement, but when one considers you are paying $5,000 + for the Omega there is absolutely no way on earth your getting $5,000 worth of quality difference….if you just want one classic timepiece to wear for any occasion, or in your watch collection, spring for the Bulova Moon Watch.. | It’s an absolute steal at this price….plus I’ve heard rumours that production will shortly come to an end…what a mistake that would be … | Follow Up… | My Bulova Moon Watch is still keeping | exact time as the day it came out of the box new…it’s my everyday timepiece, and as they say been through thick and thin…so very pleased with it, I just ordered the Bulova Moon Watch in the all black design…