Replacement motherboard for Ender 3 and Ender 3 Pro.
You can get this cheaper on AliExpress but you have to wait longer and I am not sure about support.

Note some of 1-star reviews are referring to 1.2 version.

More details here:

Amazon product: BIGTREETECH SKR Mini E3 V2.0 New Upgrade Control Board 32Bit with TMC2209 UART Driver 3D Printer Parts Cheetah for Creality Ender 3
Customer Reviews:
You don’t realize how loud your Ender 3 is until you put this board in! I had read so much about how it makes it quieter, but I guess I sort of under-anticipated just how much quieter it would be. The servos literally make no audible noise anymore – they’re dead silent – not a peep. Now it’s only the fans that make noise, but the fan noise is so much more pleasing to listen to than the servo noise was since it’s a much softer white noise. I can finally print while I’m on conference calls and people no longer hear the printer servo noise and ask where I am. | Installation was a drop-in replacement on my Ender 3 Pro. The only annoyance was the plugs on the stock board were all hot glued in place, so I had to carefully pick away all the glue before I could remove them to transfer them over to the new board. | Haven’t tried the BLtouch compatibility yet, but that’s next on the list. | If you’re on the fence with this upgrade, pull the trigger and dooo it!