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I’m in the hunt for a new shaver and came across this. Seems like a good deal. Thoughts?

Amazon product: Philips Shaver Series 9000 with Precision Trimmer, S9531/27
Customer Reviews:
Bought this to replace an 18 month old Braun Series 9 that I can’t get a replacement head for. For me here in Canada a replacement Braun Series 9 head would have been almost $140. For just a bit more money I realized I could get a whole new shaver, so I decided to give the Philips a whirl. Here’s my comparison between the 2 shavers. | The Shave | Braun Series 9 gives me a noticeablely closer shave, but the Philips 9000 still gets me baby smooth, just the 5 o’clock shadow comes back quicker with Philips. The Philips leaves virtually zero stray hairs, Braun requires lots of extra passes to pick up the stragglers, especially on my neck. Philips is noticeably gentler, and far less irritating. Philips is also far quieter. Didn’t think this would really matter to me but it’s been nice. | Cleaning stations | The Braun fluid is alcohol base, so it disinfects and sterializes the razor head after each use, which is a really nice feature. Downside to this is the fluid in the reservoir evaporates quickly due to the alcohol content. Philips is not a alcohol based fluid, so it lasts much longer, but while it cleans and lubrcates the head, it does not sterialize the head. Braun’s fluid has a sickly sweet lemon detergent scent, Philip’s fluid smells like a subtle high end men’s cologne, very nice. Braun’s cleaning cycle takes about 30-40min, Philips cleaning cycle takes 3-4hrs. | All in all, I’m happy with the Philips and would buy again. The Braun, until they sort out their replacement head shortage m, I would stay away from.