2160P with Sony sensor, capacitor, GPS and wifi and selling for $60. Too good to be ture? … ZTFDCR3NNJ

Amazon product: Dash Cam Oasser Ultra HD 2160P Dashboard Camera for Cars Sony Starvis IMX335 Sensor with Built-in GPS/WiFi Ultra Night Vision 3 inches IPS Display Super Capacitor Max 128GB U3
Customer Reviews:
Dash cam have become the norm and basically a essential product for all our vehicles. While they function and work all relatively the same, at this point the difference mostly lies in picture quality. Our longest running cam was just basic high definition, and looking at those videos, while serviceable, it needed to be upgraded to something that can actually capture clarity and details. We also wanted to move away from the older style mounting, looked cheap, where there is that small arm and ball on a swivel. This aesthetically is much more pro and premium looking, with it being fixed right up against the windshield looking more integrated. | The picture quality is what we were after here and it delivered – sharp, bright and clear, with the ability to make out details from a distance. Keep in mind you’ll also need devices that support the resolution the camera can offer, otherwise it’s moot point. Compared to our outgoing model, the wide angle also make a quite some difference to the tune of being able to see one and a half more lanes. All that aside it has all the other features that we’ve become used to and consider necessary – this time with the addition of GPS and wifi, the first that we’ve used and it brings it up to more modern tech standards.