This is an excellent case, one of the best in the price range with excellent cable management capability. It looks really clean and fresh in white. I bought it last time when it was on sale for 89.99 and now it’s 5 dollars cheaper; I think this warrants its own thread rather than necroing the old one. This is the cheapest its ever been on CCC and sold by amazon. If someone is planning to build for Black Friday, this would make an excellent purchase right now.

Amazon product: NZXT H510 Compact Atx Mid-Tower PC Gaming Case, Front I/O USB C Port, Tempered Glass Side Panel, Cable Management System
Customer Reviews:
This is an excellent case. It has great cable management and it looks amazing. | One major thing that people need to be aware of is that the airflow in this case is NOT like a normal case. NZXT designed this case to work on negative airflow pressure. The stock fans at the top and back are exhaust fans with no intakes. This is by design. Adding front fans will ruin this effect and will disrupt the airflow. There is NO better way of configuring the fans then a top and rear exhaust. | The GPU also doesnt need a front intake fan to blow air over it. The negative pressure causes the GPU to pull fresh air from the back of the case through the slot vents. This is also by design. | The thermals were not outstanding, however they are certainly not the worst and temperatures are still lower than alot of other cases as long as you do not change the fan layout. | There is a great gamers nexus video for the H510 that talks about this.