[Amazon.ca] North Bayou desk mounted monitor (max 27″) stand $25.40

//[Amazon.ca] North Bayou desk mounted monitor (max 27″) stand $25.40

[Amazon.ca] North Bayou desk mounted monitor (max 27″) stand $25.40



I’ve been watching this for a while. Pretty good price accordingly to 3x camel. Lots of good (seemingly real) reviews.

May be a worthwhile investment for the many that are working from home. I’ve got a coupled monitors to mount and read that two single arms provide a lot more flexibility than the cheaper dual monitor mounts.

Edit: Credit to @costabile for this catch. If you switch the seller to North Bayou, instead of emmy001, you’ll save the tax.

Amazon product: NB North Bayou Monitor Desk Mount Full Motion Swivel Stand Monitor Arm for 17”-27” Monitor with Load from 4.4lbs up to 19.8lbs CA-F80-B
Customer Reviews:
This monitor stand is great. I have my 24″ flatscreen LED monitor on it. | -out of the box, its packed well, and feels very strong (too strong that it is hard to bend joints) | -it has easy instruction, I chose the drill hole in desk and attach underneath because design of side of my desk prevents a clamp. Screws that came with it fit my monitor perfectly, and easily installed | -very sturdy, arm is much more flexable once monitor (extra weight) is on the arm. Can easily put in any position (PS: also there is a spot to adjust the flexablity at the top of the middle join, with allen key) | Pros | -easy install | -looks good | -good range of motion, and 360 spin of monitor. | cons | – a little difficult to adjust the flexiblity, the allen screw is difficult to reach with the strong tension of the arm. | – be aware when installing of the range of motion, if you have wall behind desk, the arm cant swing backwards. It can still work sideways, but then the up and down motion is a bit side to side also, so be aware if you are particular about monitor height and position before installing. | overall, i am very happy, its great, easy to manipulate, its great. I would recommend it.


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