75% off


Caught this on the humps.

Four bottles of 75ml men’s moisturizing cream. Last price was $31.97 now down to $8.29.
$7.88 if you opt for subscribe & save.

I tagged along with my wife for one of those beauty product warehouse sales a few years ago and my wife suggested I get some face cream. I was like “nah I don’t need face cream” and one of the male staff there that was walking by effeminately quipped “uh, yes you do”. I never felt so judged in my life.

Anyway I use face cream now and this is a good deal.

Amazon product: NIVEA MEN Sensitive Skin Face Moisture Cream, 75 mL tube
Customer Reviews:
I’ve tried many different moisturizing creams since I do tend to have dry skin. Living in a more northern dry climate usually requires to put on moisturizing cream. This Nivea cream not only moisturizes but also leaves my skin really soft and protected. I also love the fact that it is invented so my face is being overwhelmed with parfums all day. Perfect day to day skin care products, will be buying more of this as needed. Thanks for a good product Nivea