For those waiting for the Echo to go on sale again (from July), this is it. Based on triple hump, the Amazon Echo 3rd Gen is at an all time low again at $69.99 (not including Prime Day / Lightning deals). And you can add a LIFX Wi-fi Smart Bulb for only $5. … UTF8&psc=1

Who is in for one?

Update: Echo Dot 3rd gen ($34.99) and even the Sandstone with clock version ($39.99) is on sale too.

If you pick up the Echo + bulb for $5 more, AND Amazon ships out at different times which means they will generate separate invoices, you will see Echo Dot at a much lower price. The bulb on the other invoice will be almost full price (just shy of $20) just in case this is important to anyone. Just in case the bulb is a dud and you need to return it

Add On 2: Wait a minute. Based on the invoices and if you return the bulb and Amazon does indeed refund the $19 + change, that means the Echo 3 will be $36? uhhhhhh, wow. That’s brings its price close to the regular Echo Dot and will be lower than the Sandstone with the clock! what…

Amazon product: All-new Echo (3rd Gen) – Smart speaker with Alexa – Twilight Blue
Customer Reviews:
New Echo 3rd Gen Speaker is arguably Amazon’s BEST Sounding Echo Speaker to date and the best value for the money. | The new Echo 3rd Gen speaker is basically the same as the 2018 Echo Plus Speaker without the Zigbee Home Automation Hub. Many people bought the Echo Plus to get a better sound but never used the built in Zigbee hub. The new Echo 3rd gen is $70 less than the Echo Plus but still has the same speakers, form factor and great sound. Inside the Echo are two speakers, a 0.8” tweeter and 3” woofer. The Echo can be used by itself or paired in stereo with another Echo and even a subwoofer if you like. | While the new Echo is still not as good as the Sonos One, it’s price makes it an incredible value and the sound quality is still surprisingly good, the best I’ve heard at this price point. | Two Echo speakers cost $259.98 for a stereo pair configuration compared to $249 for a single Sonos One. Two Echos and an Echo Sub would still only cost $439.97 compared to $1396 for two Sonos Ones and a Sonos Sub. To be fair the Sonos One does have a better smoother midrange and the sonos sub is much better than the Echo sub, but for the budget conscious consumer, the Amazon Echo is a compelling offer and great value. | What to Expect: | The new Echo speaker is slighting wider than the previous model and as mentioned has larger speakers inside. The fabric covering material is also different on the new Echo with the additional option of the Color Twilight Blue. The Charcoal material looks more Black on the New Echo and the Twilight Blue looks more grey than blue in my opinion. | The biggest improvement you will notice with the New Echo over previous models is the sound quality. The new Echo is louder with much deeper base and smoother midrange. The speaker is aptly powered and while the bass is noticeably better and not boomy or overbearing. | Recommendation: | When it comes to music quality it hard to beat Sonos but the new Echo certainly raises the bar and narrows the gap. At a price of $129.99, Echo is arguably the Best Sounding Smart Speaker at this price point. The Echo Studio will sound better than the Echo but it’s also larger and $130 dollars more. | For me the Echo is the Goldilocks of Smart Speakers. The sound quality is very good and the size just fits. If you are on a budget and looking to purchase only one Smart Speaker the new Echo is the one to get!