Don’t know if this or Head and Shoulders work better. Not at all all-time low but it keeps people from scratching heads, haha.

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Gentle enough for everyday use
For controlling dandruff

Amazon product: Neutrogena T/Gel Extra Strength Therapeutic Hair Shampoo, 177ml
Customer Reviews:
A little goes a long way. Although I found that it doesn’t lather as much if you directly apply it to your scalp versus lathering it in your hands before working it into the scalp. | I started to use this twice a week when I first got it 4 months ago then decreased to just once a week. For me it is the only product that has had persisting effectiveness. Other products have only temporarily worked for me but this one right here is the real MVP. I will update this review if it loses its efficacy. | Smell is strong and likely considered unpleasant to the average nose. This product also does not really add any moisturizing benefit to my scalp. To mitigate both the smell and dryness, I still treat my scalp with tea tree and lavender oil after washing and conditioning my hair. | Tip: It really helps to do a scalp scrub at least once a month to remove the buildup from any of the hair products you use regularly (including this shampoo). You can buy some or even DIY using honey, sugar, essential oils, etc.