The price of the Moto G8 Power (blue and black) has been steadily dropping over the past few months.

The Blue version is $270, on amazon: … 087CBMKSC/

Amazon product: Motorola Moto G8 Power | 4/64GB | Unlocked International – GSM only | No CDMA | No US Warranty | Black
Customer Reviews:
This is actually a great phone. I was very surprised that I could get a phone like this for the price I paid. The g8 power (international version) also seems to have much better camera than some have led me to believe. It is not spectacular but not bad at all. If you don’t require NFC then this phone is great! It does not “lag” on anything I’ve thrown at it and the battery is insanely good. The phone charges very quickly when you are finally able to drain the 5000mah battery. My only complaint would be that case brands like UAG and Spigen don’t make anything for this international g8 version but you can still find decent cases on Amazon and eBay. The case it comes with is great to protect against scratches but may not be the best for drop protection. I’m with Motorola for life from here on out.